Kinilaw Mix Now Serves Online

You asked for it, flooded our Inbox for it and now it has finally come. The most awaited and most requested service for Kinilaw Mix fanatics is now being served. Kinilaw Mix now accepts orders online. Order through here or check our Facebook page for instructions. Check out our online outlet store PhilAm Foods the one stop shop for all your Filipino needs

You can now order as many as you like, with only $9.95 as shipping ground fee for orders between $25-$49.99. No matter where you are in the US, we are sure to find your door steps and deliver your most favourite Kinilaw Mix. Just visit or call 1-201-963-0455. For more inquiries and clarification please see posters on facebook.

Many has also asked if they can partner as Retail Store Distributors for Kinilaw Mix. For partnership please see our FB page as well for contact information or simply click our CONTACT US link and shoot as an email.

We will always be looking for more ways to cater your Kinilaw Mix cravings. Don’t be shy and leave us your comments, rate our products or contact us for anything.