Kinilaw Mix Celebrates with XU Manresa Days and Sukang Pachada Launching

The annual Manresa Days of Xavier University has done it again. The 4-Days Celebration (August 14-17) was a blast! Foods and FUN was everywhere. And the most celebrated of all was the AGGIES ALUMNI HOMECOMING 2013. Alumnus from the Batch ’60 up to the present students had gathered on that brazing Boodle Fight. Everyone was so game, why wouldn’t they be when every food was looking so DELISH! And guess who won the prize of “GONE-IN-1-Minute”. It’s our very own KINILAW made from SugTUKIL Kinilaw Mix! It was just consumed in a blink of an eye. Good thing for the Late Comers (whom the Host – Batch ’89 had already expected) has been reserved some or else, they would have missed the amazing chance to have a free taste of our Amazing Tangigue Kinilaw Recipe.

It was a frantic request! Many had asked for more, but sadly, the Tangigue Kinilaw has already found its way to the TUMMIES of the Early Birds. The HALAL Table was the first one to shout for more but much to their dismay. Catch us again next year, we might just sponsor a BOODLE Fight again. Cross your Fingers!

Not to mention the very successful launching of the SUgTUKIL’s newest pride – SUKANG PACHADA Super Hot. Everyone that came was so intrigued with the product that the profit was very good. People from Manila, Cebu, Davao and many else had bought one to take home, some even grabbed two. The sad thing for the Manileños is that they cannot bring it to the airport. Don’t worry guys, we will be distributing their soon.

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