Kinilaw Mix is now available at Ororama

Last December 29, Kinilaw Mix has now officially partnered with Ororama Chain of Stores.

The Store Manager, and over-all Marketing head, Ma’am Claire had been very intrigued of the product since she had heard that it is a Kinilaw Instant Mix. She said, “As in murag instant spaghetti? Rehas anang uban pang instant na ulam?” and continued about how that is the first time she had ever encountered an amazing product plus the fact that there are NO Preservatives added. The assistant Store Manager, Mr. Bong had immediately bought a kilo of fish before going home the night he had his sample of Kinilaw Mix. The next day he had told me and other Ororama staffs how he had liked the product very much.

Check them out for yourself. Kinilaw Mix Original and Kinilaw Mix Super Hot are now on display at their Cogon and Carmen branch. And check out more amazing information, recipes and tips at our FB,twitter and youtube pages:,, and