Philippine is an Island filled and surrounded by different kinds of water forms. Different kinds or diverse kind of water life forms can be found here. No wonder why our History of Filipino Cuisines always speaks of Fish Dishes.

SugTuKiL is another revision of SUTUKIL. SUTUKIL is a combination of the words Sugba, Tula and KiLaw. Sugba is “grill”. Tula is “fresh fish soup”. Kilaw is “edible raw dish”. It started out as a famous term for making seafood dishes that Filipino digs for. Filipinos found out that combining these three dishes makes a very delectable meal.

The combination of these words are very known to local folks in the Philippines as it is one of the most famous kind of food Filipinos love to eat. On coastal areas, fishes for SUTUKIL are the richest cuisines of all for Filipinos. Rich in great flavor and nutrients as it is still very fresh from the sea. Fresh fishes when SUGBA (grilled), Tula(made to soup) and Kilaw(edible raw dish) carries sweetness that is incomparable to any other professional dishes. It has a unique and distinct taste. Yet, it does not only limit to fresh fishes, it also applies to very fresh land meats.

Filipinos love fresh SugTuKiL but to one exception. They need to be very fresh to be appreciated. Anything fresh is perfect for SUgTUKIL. May it be fish, other seafood, fruits or land animal meats. As long as it is fresh then Filipino loves to SUgTUKIL it.

Have you tried mixing a small plate of Sugbang baboy (grilled pork) with Kinilaw na isda (edible raw fish)? And partnered it with the soup from the Tula (soup; either of fish or meat)? You can try it now and I’m very sure you will love it!

SugTuKiL is the new name for the company that produces KINILAW Mix. It is the perfect company name for this kind of product. That offers an all natural ingredients, which process only fresh harvested raw materials.